This op-ed is written by Marianne Proctor, a Republican candidate in the primary election for House District 60.

Sick of proposed gas taxes to further increase our pain at the pump? Sick of 15-year politicians who find it easier to create new taxes rather than to trim the bloated budget? Sick of politicians who have become more interested in lobbyists and special interest groups than in people like you and me who voted them in? Sick of politicians who find it easier to go along with liberal policies and left-leaning media hype than to fight for your rights to speak freely, keep your business open, keep the money you earn, keep and bear arms, keep your medical freedoms, keep your kids in schools of your choosing, and keep the values that have made this country strong? Yeah, me too. I’m a non-politician and health care provider who isn’t putting up with this sickness anymore. I’m Marianne Proctor, and I’m running for State House Representative District 60. 

Having served as a speech-language pathologist and an Outpatient Rehabilitation Coordinator of Speech and Education in one of the nation’s top five hospitals, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people find and use their voices, and improve their quality of life. As your next house representative, I’m ready to use my skills and experience to identify short-term problems, develop long-term effective solutions, and amplify your voice in Frankfort. 

Having been a residential realtor, I listened to my clients’ needs, provided optimal solutions, and advocated for them in negotiations. I ensured they were in the best possible position to provide for their families, protect their assets, and thrive in their chosen communities. As the District 60 representative, I am dedicated to helping you, the voters of Boone County, feel at home in your State House. 

As a community leader, I have invested myself in people and projects that have made my life richer and more meaningful. These include my husband Gregg, to whom I have been married for 25 years, my sweet dog Dakota, the elementary school girls I coach, the young moms I mentor, the women I lead in Bible study, the church I serve, and the precinct I chair. Each of these people, as well as those I have met door-to-door and at our rallies, have expressed a need to be seen and heard by Kentucky’s leaders. We are strongly pro-life, pro-family and pro-1st and 2nd amendment. It is because of you that I am compelled to run for office and act on your behalf. Listening to you, talking about the issues that concern you, and discussing workable solutions with you has not only prepared me for the office, but has fueled my passion for serving. 

As a marathon runner, I know the discipline it takes to go the distance. I am not afraid of hard work, competition, pain or personal injury, inclement weather, roadblocks or obstacles in my path. I know I have what it takes to run your concerns right up the steps of the House in Frankfort. All I’m asking for is your support. Vote Marianne Proctor, House Representative, District 60, on Tuesday, May 17.